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The Nonstop Couriers web site is set up to serve the high volume corporate package shipper as well as the more casual user of delivery services. The customizable pricing, services, schedules, tools, and integration services for the high volume shipper are unique to the Nonstop technology and can be best described if you Contact Us. The Nonstop shipping services available to the casual shipper vary based on several criteria including:

  • Pickup and Delivery Location
  • Distance From Pickup to Delivery
  • Weight of the Shipment
  • Day of the Week
  • Time of Day.
To determine the available services for your criteria, complete the Ship a Package quick quote form or, for registered and logged in users, the order form and click �Go� or �Quote�. The available services, their prices, and delivery times will be displayed. Generally, the Nonstop same-day delivery services are available in Philadelphia/South Jersey metropolitan areas currently for delivery distances up to 200 miles. After hours (5:30pm-8:00am)and weekend same-day services are all billed at "After Hour" (AH) service rates. For high volume shippers that have established corporate accounts, additional services and pricing may be available. Included in those services are local and regional distribution services, recurring scheduled pickups and deliveries, and bar code entry and tracking of packages directly from your shipping facility. One exciting feature that is available today is the ability to give your customers the ability to track their �Inbound Shipments�; that is they can track on-line the packages that you and their other suppliers are sending them, complete with estimated times of arrival! Other features you can take advantage of today include the ability to automatically generate recurring orders on-line, and the ability to track the status of your �routes� performed by carriers, stop-by-stop. In the coming weeks, look for more sophisticated services where you can design your own delivery, and even order same-day inter-city shipments of packages!
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